Megan Eunpu, Founder, Inspiration Across Nations

Megan Eunpu


When she began her search for a place to volunteer, Megan Eunpu realized how difficult it was to find out what a volunteer experience would be like before committing to an organization. As she researched the inspirational work that so many people were doing in her community, Megan was disheartened that people often didn’t hear about this good news. Just like that, Inspiration Across Nations was born! The objective, to spread the news about the life-changing work being done in her community and beyond and to provide a personal glimpse into a volunteer experience with the organizations highlighted.

Currently, the aim of Inspiration Across Nations is to provide a social media platform where people can come to read stories about the life-giving work being done in communities and to offer an inside-view of what it is like to participate in this work. To provide this inside-view, Megan engages with the organizations by interviewing and, when possible, volunteering, to get a full view of the organization/person. Then the Inspiration Across Nations team brings the story to life!

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